5* Gold Award self catering luxury holiday cottage, Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England | Contact Us +44 (0)7710 307202

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We were delighted to hear that we have retained our 5* with Gold Award grading for the 9th consecutive year – every year since we opened in fact! Gold awards are given to those properties that score the highest marks within a grading band.
Cottages can elect to be inspected by Quality in Tourism on behalf of Visit Britain so that potential guests have a guarantee of the standard that they should expect.
Inspections take place every year and no stone is left unturned. Before arrival inspectors will have studied the property website, Tripadvisor reviews, social media and pre-arrival information that guests receive. On the day itself marking starts with the appearance of the property from the outside and continues in minute detail inside. Skirting boards behind beds, high level surfaces, extractor fan grills, dishwasher and washing machine filters, loo brush heads, mattresses, paintwork, the inside of kitchen cupboards, every saucepan and piece of cutlery are put under the microscope. Beds are measured and space assessed for room to swing the proverbial cat.
As you can imagine, a 16th century cottage on one of the steepest hills in Britain, does not lend itself to easily attain high scores – pre-printed forms and boxes to tick are not always flexible enough to cope with character and history, so we are doubly proud of achieving such high scores, despite the near impossibility of living up to some of the requisite requirements!!

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