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Maybe I’m nosy but I really quite like knowing a little about the people running a business so it seems only fair to tell you a little about us. I was a shy little girl who wasn’t very good at the sort of art we did at school in the 70s (painting) but was quite… Continue Reading →

Yesterday the Telegraph featured its 10 best historic streets in Britain and we were delighted to see that Gold Hill was included. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/propertypicturegalleries/10436193/Britains-10-best-historic-streets.html?frame=2728365 Which brings me nicely to Melanie Backe-Hansen’s latest book: ‘Historic Streets and Squares: The Secrets on Your Doorstep’ (The History Press), Melanie Backe-Hansen (House Historian). Price £20. I’m terribly proud that my… Continue Reading →

Last time we were in London we had a bite to eat in our favourite stop-off for cheap, healthy, delicious food, Leon at Bankside. Unfortunately we were a little late ordering coffee so sauntered around the corner to make acquaintance with Albion – one of the Conran stable and rather stunningly located in the bottom of… Continue Reading →

I’m trying hard to avoid using all the clichéd autumnal phrases that newspapers and magazines come up with at this time of year but looking out of my window at home in Hertfordshire, I have complete sympathy and well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…….but perhaps with a few different pictures conjured up rather… Continue Reading →

We were delighted to hear that the gorgeous shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and handwash that we supply to you at Updown (throughout your stay, not just at the beginning!) have been selected to be sold in Heals – quite an accolade as they are rightly very particular and no doubt have thousands of applications from hopeful suppliers… Continue Reading →

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