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Brown paper packages tied up with string

I’ve diversified!……I have a geography-teaching sister so know the importance of this word!
It seemed a shame not to make more use of the photos that randomly appear on the screen of my Surface so I’ve produced some greetings cards.
The first two collections are 5 cards of The Cottage and 5 from The Garden ……. with a little poetic licence as I took one of the photos at the inspirational Piet Oudolf garden at Hauser and Wirth, just half an hour up the road from Shaftesbury in Bruton.

Each pack of 5 cards (they are left blank so suitable for any occasion) are wrapped as ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’, ready for you to give as gifts or simply for yourself.

You can either purchase them when you are staying at the cottage (£6.50 for a pack of 5) and we can simply deduct the cost from your housekeeping deposit or via the Ginger & Wild page, cost £7.50 and pay via Paypal or by contacting us and arranging payment by credit card or bank transfer.

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