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It’s a little known fact (to me until last week!) that the patron saint of Dorset is St Wite (sometimes known as St Candida).
Her relics lie in the church of St Candida (or St Wite) and Holy Cross, Whitchurch Canonicorum and, apart from Westminster Abbey, this was the only church in England that contained the bones of the saint to whom it is dedicated.
I can add some personal knowledge to that because St Albans Cathedral now also houses a relic of St Alban, since it was returned by St Pantaleon in Cologne, Germany in 2002. (St Albans is where Simon sings as a tenor lay clerk every other Sunday.)

Very little is known about St Wite but the saint’s day is 1st June and her cross was adopted as the Dorset flag on 16th September 2008.

St Wite's Cross

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