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We’ve been absolutely delighted by the response to the new website.

Thanks so much to Mark and David of www.weavercreative.co.uk for putting our vision of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ into reality!

Some of the comments received so far:

‘Really like your new website looks a fabulous place we are very proud to have you on Elite Cottages’ via Twitter
‘Absolutely stunning website Jane, you must be thrilled. Really proud to have our video on there, and thanks for the link’ Defining Moments via Twitter
‘LOVE @updowncottage ‘s new website! Check it out for yourself’ @anglotopia via Twitter
‘Beautiful site, one of the best I have seen, love the way it flows’
‘Love the new website, well done’
‘Looks beautiful’
‘Looks wonderful. Very slick’
‘Absolutely beautiful’
‘Lovely! Someone’s done you proud.’

I couldn’t have asked for more!

Updown Cottage luxury 5* Gold Award self catering holiday cottage on Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England

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