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A few weeks ago we made a quick dash to Cornwall for a few days escape. As our time was limited I was determined to make the most of our days so was delighted to come across the Cool Places website as it is stuffed full of exactly the type of places we like – stylish and interesting coffee and brunch, lunch, tea and supper locations, places to stay & things to do, in all regions of the country. Places such as Roskilly’s and Espressini
We are very pleased to announce that Updown Cottage has also been added to the list of Cool Places and is therefore officially a ‘Cool Place’!
I’m pretty certain you’ll be dipping into the site quite regularly whenever you are in need of inspiration for somewhere to visit that hits exactly the right spot!

I was also amused to see that the main photo that Cool Places had chosen for their Home page was of a room that we made-over as part of a design job a few years ago!

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