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A couple of weeks ago I tweeted a reason that #westisbest in response to a competition run by iescape in association with Bramley Products
It was along the lines of the people in the south-west lacking superficiality and there being a greater sense of shared interests linking people rather than money……rather dour perhaps but the sentiment was heartfelt.
Anyway I was delighted to have heard yesterday that I had won one of the prizes – some gorgeous, natural Bramley Products which I can now enjoy at home. We’ve supplied their shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and handwash in eco-refillable bottles in all of the bathrooms in Updown for a few years now and I never fail to inhale deeply as I use them whenever we visit.
They are produced locally by Chloe Luxton of The Beckford Arms (also one of our favourite places) and I’m beginning to play ‘sniff out the Bramleys’ in some fairly prestigious loos around London – Conran’s Albion restaurants for example and also available in Heals.
Thank you so much iescape and Bramley!

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