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"This iconic cottage is simply one of the most charming houses in England" Phil Spencer: History of Britain in 100 Homes

Archives for May 2014

I always love contact with guests (past or future), asking for more information about the history of the cottage or Shaftesbury. This week I was searching for the origins of ‘Gold’ Hill and although there doesn’t seem to be a definite answer, it may be derived from a Guild (or Gild) Hall having stood on… Continue Reading →

It’s a little known fact (to me until last week!) that the patron saint of Dorset is St Wite (sometimes known as St Candida). Her relics lie in the church of St Candida (or St Wite) and Holy Cross, Whitchurch Canonicorum and, apart from Westminster Abbey, this was the only church in England that contained… Continue Reading →

I just came across this absolutely charming Newsreel via my friend Nina’s twitter feed. Nina designs and makes the most vibrant and uplifting jewellery which reflects her personality perfectly! Do pay her site a visit as she’ll also accept commissions. The charm of Shaftesbury lies in its unchanged, unspoiled and unpretentious character which is illustrated… Continue Reading →

Sadly the beautiful Fibre Naturelle silk that we had used for the music and sitting room curtains, had not survived the sunlight for which Dorset is so renowned. Natalie Canning to the rescue! I’ve always felt, quite passionately, the need to go with the feel of a room rather than against. If you try to… Continue Reading →

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted a reason that #westisbest in response to a competition run by iescape in association with Bramley Products It was along the lines of the people in the south-west lacking superficiality and there being a greater sense of shared interests linking people rather than money……rather dour perhaps but the… Continue Reading →

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