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"This iconic cottage is simply one of the most charming houses in England" Phil Spencer: History of Britain in 100 Homes

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The Daily Telegraph have listed Shaftesbury (or Shaftsbury as they re-named it several times!) as one of the best places to escape to. Moving to the country? Britain’s liveliest and most idyllic villages. As they rightly point out, Shaftesbury benefits from a thriving farmers’ market, independent pubs, cafes, restaurants and shops, a lively arts centre,… Continue Reading →

Gold Hill provides inspiration to painters, photographers, ceramicists, modellers, embroiderers, printers and probably numerous other craftspeople who won’t spring to mind at the moment. I’m always delighted when guests send photos of their stay at Updown but this week Jeremy forwarded a copy of his mother-in-law, Beth’s painting which had been inspired by his own… Continue Reading →

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