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"This iconic cottage is simply one of the most charming houses in England" Phil Spencer: History of Britain in 100 Homes

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Yesterday morning a large envelope arrived in the post from Quality in Tourism.
Our 7th consecutive year of being the proud possessors of 2 stiff white certificates, confirming that Updown Cottage has achieved a grading of 5 star and a coveted Gold Award for ‘exceptional quality of accommodation and customer service’.
We were awarded 100% in every area for cleanliness and were only marked down by a few points for the actual physical size of the cottage…..which it’s a little difficult to do anything about!!
Interestingly visitors often comment on what a large house it is – a tardis with enough space for a family or friends to spread out but equally cosy and intimate enough for a couple. Hopefully therefore it adapts to suit all comers!
The certificates will be joining the others in the leather Visitors’ folder on the sitting room desk.

Updown Cottage 5 star Gold Award self catering holiday cottage to rent on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury in Dorset.

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