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"This iconic cottage is simply one of the most charming houses in England" Phil Spencer: History of Britain in 100 Homes

I watched an inspirational TED lecture yesterday (whilst ironing!), which made me think…..as TED lectures usually do!
One of the themes was about Apple and why we all buy their products….apparently it’s because we buy into WHY they do what they do, not WHAT they do. I didn’t quite get the significance of this at first until he explained that Apple simply believe in what they do and then tell you what they do, rather than simply telling you about their products as most other companies do.
This really struck a chord as (hopefully without appearing to have inflated opinions about ourselves), first and foremost we believe in providing a truly memorable, relaxing, stress-free, life-enhancing and yes, inspirational stay.
We don’t believe in rules and regulations, forms that need filling in in triplicate, notices stuck to cottage walls, strict check in and check out times, knowing everything about you and every member of your party or making you feel ‘watched’ during your stay.
We do believe in trusting our guests, in making you feel that this is your home while you are here, in providing the best that we can afford because this is a treat for you and in acknowledging that you have chosen Updown Cottage, in which to invest your precious time and money.
Lastly we believe in retaining the inspirational character and soul of the cottage by nodding to fashion rather than by being a slave to it.
To follow in Apple’s footsteps…… what we do is to keep the cottage in tiptop condition for you with the help of Harriet of Hunter Gatherer , David Witcher, the decorator, Paul Franks, the builder, Allan Franks, the gardener and a host of other friendly local tradespeople.
Any time you’d like to stay a while, we’d love to hear from you (…..and we love exchanging information about us and you ….. it’s just not a rule that we have to know everything about you!)
07710 307202 or jane@updowncottage.co.uk

Updown Cottage 5 star historic self catering accommodation to rent on Hovis Hill, Dorset, England,UK

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